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UK B2B Business Lists

Purchasing B2B business lists requires a great deal of thought and clear parameters of what is required. Understanding definitions (builders or house builders or property companies or refurbishment) is a good example) and can cause many to fall foul on list expectancy when the records are checked on receipt.

All B2B business lists have their own pros and cons, but to ensure that you obtain the best list for your needs, you will require knowledge of the various business list suppliers, time to collate all of the relevant information from the relevant business list owners, knowledge to translate the varying quotes and volumes, knowledge to know how good a business list may be, and finally a method of determining which business list offers the best value for your needs.

Why choose our B2B Business Lists

The volume of businesses in the UK can be quoted as in the region of 5 million. but that statistic includes part time set ups, non commercial ventures, sleeping companies, stored off the shelf companies and many others. The figure of 3 million is the active trading UK businesses.
It is understandable to believe therefore that one business list would not differ too much with any other but sadly they differ immensely. Much depends on their source of compilation covering credit sources, call centre operations, financial data files, publishers of niche areas, desk research, exhibition attendees and many others. Business lists can be comprehensive or a niche category.
Selecting a business list is not about what’s available but identifying specific prospects to offers your products and services. Once you have decided what it is you require, the various business lists available on the market hold a wealth of detailed information which can be used to target those prospects.
All business lists are selectable by industry whether it be using SIC or a more specific classification code, but other selections include Geography (postcode, town, county, region or even a radius from a given point) Number of Employees (at site or group), Head Office / Single Site / Branch, Turnover (at site or group)
Other than the more standard business lists we also can offer more specialist lists that will allow a more highly targeted prospect. Some of these will allow you to target:
Government, NHS, Telecoms, Fleets, Industrial Co’s, Service Co’s, Company Financial data, Clubs, Retail etc.
When renting or purchasing a business list it is important to take both cost and quality into account. We use our experience in the industry to select only reputable databases to give you the best start to your marketing campaigns.
Although no database can be perfect, targeting using higher quality business lists should both make you more sales and save you money.
Built on years of experience and knowledge in locating business lists that offer all the aspects that define quality i.e Continually maintained, passed through all cleaning files, meeting all legal requirements, opted in and dated, plus a defined field structure is the foundation on which we provide all our data.
Many of our Business Lists provide multi channel elements of Postal addresses, Telephone numbers, SMS and Email addresses that allow you flexibility of communication.

The elements can be significant in allowing a sales team to contact by phone, a research team to map where prospects are based, an email record to communicate for awareness or support, SMS to reach out to prospects on the move. A list must be used effectively and be a web of communication using all resources.

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Why choose Whichlist2

When a company requests a quotation on a particular business list profile, they generally would prefer a quick answer. This gives time to increase or decrease volumes by making changes to the business list profile. Delays in response to these counts can often cause frustration and occasionally lost business. Our industry contacts ensure we deliver a speedy response to our client’s requests and to then make any required changes if so desired.

We also offer the same speedy service when placing an order for a business list. We offer fast despatch, correctly formatted data and often can arrange for tight deadlines to be accommodated.

With over 60 combined years in the list industry, we can offer advice about your both your current requirements and which business list would be the most suitable. Knowledge of business lists, including their pros and cons enables us to talk to you in order to achieve the best solution for your situation.
We are always on hand to answer any queries or questions that may occur after any order. Business lists can be rather complicated given the multi selection combinations within the profile so we are here to help. Sometimes it maybe a technical question or a even small details that can be unclear, but our objective is to make our clients happy and to achieve it all in as fast and efficient manner as possible.