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B2C Consumer Lists

With our intimate knowledge of the UK consumer lists market we can accurately identify the best prospects to suit your needs.

Reach millions of consumers in the UK who have an active interest in your product or service. Our B2C  consumer lists are complied though various sources including electoral roll, lifestyle questionnaires, financial transaction data, census data, and have been compiled from point of contact, giving you an accurate and in-depth view into your key marketplace.

B2C consumer lists are complex in their compilation source and their structure. There are additionally many differing structures and limitations on these style of databases. In the last few years legislation has become more in quantity and more in what communication can be made. All consumers must now be opted in or even double opted in. Absolutely every database must provide records that ensure the individual has agreed to receive communication from a third party, and double opted in is defined as this record being thus verified. All records must be recorded with date accordingly.  Failure to comply with this piece of law will lead to very heavy fines.

Why choose our B2C Consumer Lists

Numerous would be a large understatement.  It could almost be true to say that everything is possible.

Using the many sources available through magazine subscription, surveys, financial databases, telephone research, bespoke built data, website responders and other subscribed replies plus many more, the amount of data knowledge is infinite.

A full analysis of knowledge and detail is provided under the headings of property, finance, travel, transport, holidays, marital status, interests, hobbies, health, shopping, investment, pets, charity donors, energy use, motoring, occupation, birthdays, parents, opportunity seekers and many many more.

It has now become more even more essential to speak to a data expert who has the knowledge and experience and the time to listen.  It can ensure you are guided towards the right list for you, to steer your way through mounting legislation and to supply the highest quality of list that avoids not only poor campaigns but wasted capital and wasted time based on the purchase of poor data.

Renting a list for single use shows, except in exceptional circumstances, a distinct lack of planning. Any success to be achieved in any communication relies on the company’s ability to build relationships. These are not achieved in one communiqué.  The dialogue is created, as in other relationship, through the building of trust and a desire to know more about each other. Communication will use many elements of the marketing mix, but the foundation is the full, up to data and detailed knowledge of both customers and the universal prospect market. Every campaign relies on that data so it is compulsory that a purchase must be based on unlimited use of that data even if only for the licence of 12 months (which is then renewable)
There are over 60 million consumers in UK and all with different lifestyles and interests. Each household is made up of people with various needs and requirements and a great deal of capital and time and resources are consumed in collecting this data and then producing a commercial list .

In the UK there are multiple consumer list owners and even more consumer list managers. Obviously no one source can ever supply every conceivable list, nor cover a comprehensive marketplace. We aim to listen to your requirements and supply you with a consumer list that offers the most comprehensive set of records of your targeted prospects.

Updating and cleaning is a major factor in any consumer list.
With over 60 million people in UK there are a staggering number of amendments everyday. Current figures show that there are approximately 500,000 deaths every year, 700,000 births every year, 11% of consumers move house every year and there are 50,000 amendments on the telephone exchange per day. On top of these changes there are many opt-out lists that are also continually added to such as the TPS which currently has over 19 million registered numbers on it.

When considering a consumer it is of upmost importance that the data you purchase has been properly cleaned against these suppression files as many of them are legal requirements and can result in heavy fines.

If you are considering “cheap” consumer lists consider how a list is compiled and cleaned, and is it reasonable for that data to be available at that price.

We ensure you only are offered those quality consumer lists that are accurate, and that cover you in all aspects of legislation.

Our Consumer lists are extremely varied but the majority have multi channel data to provide you with highly flexible communication routes.

Postal addresses are usually standard. Telephone numbers where available after passing via TPS and Ex Directory files , Emails also decrease volumes due to legislation on opted in and dated requirements
We will be happy to help guide and advise into choosing the right consumer lists for your application

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Why choose Whichlist2

Lists are not stacked in boxes on shelves. Very often there is a great deal of computer programming required in order to investigate very large record files, sometimes well over 40 million. It’s also possible there a number of exercises to be completed in the production queue, so what is the average speed of list supply. Depending on the source and file it can be 5 hours to 3 days.

We appreciate the problems that waiting times can sometimes cause but we will always be honest at the start by advising of production timings.

We always try our best to keep abreast of any order and can sometimes decrease the time if special circumstances are warranted.

One of the most important parts of any consumer marketing campaign is to be able to target the correct prospects using the correct channel.

We will spend time with you to define what it is you need and then use our knowledge of the consumer lists market to select you the right list.

Not all direct marketing companies work the same, but we believe that our relationship with you does not end as soon as you have made a purchase.