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Data Clock- how it can help you

If you are finding you are unsure on where to start with your marketing, or just don’t have the time to invest in developing your marketing, then we have a solution for you.  We have developed our new step by step process to guide you through each element of maintaining and growing your marketing campaigns.

  1. Data Audit
  2. Data Standardisation
  3. Data Cleaning
  4. Data Enhancement
  5. Data Analysis
  6. Marketing Strategy
  1. Targeting
  2. Data Acquisition
  3. Communication
  4. Reporting & Analysis
  5. Learn & Adapt
  6. Automate

Step by step marketing

  • Data Audit – Our Free data audits give you a picture of your database allowing you to see where it is costing you money and hurting your sales. 

  • Data Standardisation – This makes the database much more workable, allowing for much better match rates for de-duplication as well as for cleaning and enhancement files.

  • Data Cleaning – weed out old data, and ensure your database remains compliant and within the law.  

  • Data Enhancement – appending elements such as email addresses, telephone numbers, full postal addresses etc you will be better able to utilise your database for marketing and communicating.
  • Data Analysis – analyse your database to find natural segments which provide sales and marketing opportunities.
  • Marketing Strategy – design a marketing plan, to communicate with your customer database.
  • Targeting – identify lookalike prospects & missing areas of your marketplace.

  • Data Acquisition – access thousands of marketing databases designed to compliment your customer database or to target an untapped market.

  • Communication – Using multiple channels, we design and run each step of your plan, allowing you to focus on converting all new leads.

  • Reporting & Analysis – monitor if your marketing is working and a gain information with which to change your future campaigns.
  • Learn & Adapt – learn from your previous campaigns results and adapt future marketing.
  • Automate – setup and using the right tools market with minimal effort.


How To Reduce Marketing Costs & Increase ROI

  • Are you breaking the law with your database?

  • Find lookalikes of your best customers

  • Save money on marketing & increase ROI

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