Data Cleansing – Increase Responses & Save Money

Every business knows that a customer database is an important thing, however it is easy amidst the day to day running of a business that the health of the database can get neglected. On average databases decay at a rate of 30% per year, with this amount of change it is does not take long to realise that a neglected database becomes worthless in a relatively short period of time.

Data Cleansing
Benefits of Data Cleansing

Benefits of Data Cleansing

Reduce mailing costs

Increase Response Rates

Ensures Legal Compliance

Removes Duplicates & Increases Accuracy

Common problems with databases

  • Partial / Incomplete data – missing personal details such as telephone numbers, postcodes & emails can means missed opportunities, and wasting of your time.
  • Errors in data – misspellings & mistypes can affect your response rates and tarnish your company’s image.
  • Incorrectly formatted addresses – wrongly entered data, poor data imports and lazy entry can result in poor response rates and your company image damaged.

  • Out of date data – over time your database decays.  As people move & companies change your data can become obsolete resulting in high bounce rates, returned mail and a poor company image.
  • Illegal data – even if you have compiled your own database, it is still subject to various laws.  Neglecting to screen against suppression files such as the TPS (Telephone Preference Service) can result in heavy fines and possible prosecution if found in breach.

FREE Data Health Check

Having a clean, accurate and legally compliant database with complete information is a must.

We offer a FREE no obligation data health check to offer you a picture of your current database allowing you to understand the current quality of your database and address any potential issues.