Email Design

Reaching a market with a message that creates interest is the objective of any campaign. The content of an email is often about providing value and benefits. Creating eye catching headlines, incentivised action and a site that is perceived as professional is not always easy to produce. The question is would you be excited based on the content? Whichlist2 is a sales orientated company and can offer an email design service based on your objectives.

Why choose our Email Design

With so many companies and individuals receiving a never ending barrage of email messages on a daily basis, what is required to ensure that you email is opened.

The first communication and what every recipient first sees is the subject line. Is it a brand he knows? Is it a friend? Is it valuable information OR is it just another email from an unknown source? As time continues recipients become more educated into the clever subject lines used and the delete button will be found so quickly as one passes quickly down the ever increasing list.

Read your current subject line. Being non biased , would you open it yourself?

There are a number of elements on which we can significantly help.

  • We have tested many subject lines on a vast array of exercises.
  • We can test with multi split subject lines so ensuring the best one is projected.
  • We advise on words to avoid and words to use.
  • We advise, help and offer suggestions on subject lines that could improve conversion.

Nothing is ever guaranteed with so many elements involved but working on experience and history can often help, and coupled with the long sales experience of Whichlist2, the chances of a better opening rate will be improved

It is absolutely necessary to ensure what you say in the subject line is followed through in the email design.


Would you say this to any prospect you met face to face and expect a result?

Content is about making your message and required action to be clear and simple. It might be interesting to the designer or marketing team, but the recipient does not wish to read jargon, irrelevant text, nor do they want to search the pages.  The recipient needs to be informed quickly and clearly understand what you are offering and why.  The message needs to follow on from the subject line and be easy to see what the next step is.

The basic email design is to create interest and the prospect needs to be motivated towards a more fuller understanding of what you offer.  Links to a specific offer or extra information are invaluable elements to your email.  A more successful link is to a  landing page specifically designed to compliment the email. At this page a response coupon or a focused specific offer can be more fully expanded.  Whatever method is used, the prospect needs “leading” in an interesting and exciting way to your required objective.

We are always happy to review your content.  We know that graphics have a place, we know about headlines, we know about readership priorities and colours.


Why choose Whichlist2