Industry Descriptions for UK Business Lists

Industry Desccriptions

This is a list of industry descriptions that can be used with our UK business lists.  There are over 2,000 individual types of industry which break down all of the types of business in the UK.

Use the search function below to identify the types of business you want to target, and then you can request a count from us using the forms on this page.

Industry Descriptions
Abattoir Machinery and Equipment
Abrasive Products - Production Of
Abrasive Products - Wholesale & Supply
Access Equipment
Accident Administration & Management Services
Accommodation Address Agents
Accommodation Advice
Accounting Activities
Accounting Activities Primarily Bookkeeping
Acupuncture Practitioners
Adhesive Manufacture and Distribution
Adhesive Tape Manufacture
Adhesives and Glue Manufacture & Distribution
Adoption and Fostering Services
Adult Education Locations
Advertising Agency Services
Advertising Contractors
Advertising Outdoor
Advertising Publications & Publishers
Advertising Radio TV and other Media
Advertising Related Services
Aerial Erectors and Suppliers
Aerial Manufacturers
Aerial Photographers & Surveys
Aeronautical Engineers
Aeronautical Instrumentation Manufacturers
Aerosols Filling and Manufacture
After School Care
Aggregate Suppliers Including Sand Gravel and Shale
Agricultural and Farm Contractors
Agricultural Buildings
Agricultural Chemical Manufacturers
Agricultural Consultants
Agricultural Engineers
Agricultural Machinery Sales Service and Repair
Agricultural Merchants
Agricultural Services
Agricultural Shows
Agricultural Vehicle Suppliers
Air Ambulance Services
Air and other Gas Compressors
Air Brokers
Air Conditioning Contractors
Air Conditioning Equipment
Air Conditioning System Consultants
Air Purification Systems
Aircraft - Services For
Aircraft Designers
Aircraft Manufacturers and Suppliers
Aircraft Rental Leasing and Charter Services
Airfreight Forwarding Services
Airline Related Services
Airline Ticket Suppliers and Agencies
Airport Transportation and Transfer Services
Album Manufacturers
Alcohol (Advice and Help)
Alexander Technique
Alloys Production of
Alternative Medical Treatments and Therapies
Aluminium Fabricators
Aluminium Manufacturers
Aluminium Products
Aluminium Stockholders
Ambulance and Medical Transportation Services
American Football
Amusement and Gaming Machines
Amusement Park Activities
Anchor Makers
Animal and Bird Housing
Animal By-Products
Animal Feed and Pet Foods
Animal Sundry Manufacturers and Suppliers
Animal Transportation Services
Animal Welfare and Care Organisations
Antique and Jewellery Valuers
Antique Dealers
Antique Restoration Services
Apartment Buildings
Aquarium and Pond Suppliers
Aquarium Tanks and Accessory Manufacturers
Arbitration Services
Architects (Naval)
Architectural Guilding and Decorating
Architectural Services
Architectural Technicians
Architectural Woodwork
Archive Storage
Armed Forces
Armed Service Outfitters
Army Surplus Stores
Art and Craft Material Sales and Supply
Art Centres
Art Consultants
Art Galleries and Dealers
Art Gallery
Art Restoration
Artists Agents
Arts Centres
Arts The
Asbestos Products & Removal
Asphalt & Macadam Laying Contractors
Asphalt & Macadam Supply
Assembling and Wiring
Au Pair Agencies
Auctioneers and Valuers
Audio Visual Equipment Wholesalers and Distributors
Audio/Visual Equipment
Audio/Visual Production Services
Auto Electricians
Auto Locksmiths
Automatic Assembly Equipment Manufacturers
Automatic Control Engineers
Automation Systems and Controls
Automotive Component Manufacturers
Aviation Consultants
Aviation Engineering and Engineers
Aviation Supplies
Axle Supplies
Baby and Nursery Equipment
Baby Goods Hire
Baby Sitters
Bacon Curers
Badges Manufacture
Bagpipe Makers
Bags Belt and Accessories Manufacture
Bags Various Types - Suppliers
Bailiffs Certificated
Bakers and Confectioners Supplies
Bakers Shops
Bakery Equipment Supply and Manufacture
Ballet and Dancewear
Ballet Schools
Balloons Novelty
Banks and Financial Institutions
Banqueting Facilities
Bar Equipment
Bar Fitters
Barbecue & Grilling Equipment and Accessories
Bar-Code Equipment Software etc
Barge Owners
Base Metal Industries
Basket Makers and Wholesalers
Bath Re-enamelling and Surfacing
Bathroom Fixtures and Fittings
Bathroom Fixtures and Fittings - Manufacturers
Bathroom Planners and Furnishers
Battery Chargers
Battery Manufacturers
Battery Servicing
Battery Suppliers
Bearings Manufacturers of
Bearings Stockists
Beauty Consultants
Beauty Products
Beauty Salons
Beauty Schools
Bed and Mattress Manufacturers
Bedroom Furnishers and Planners
Beds and Bedding
Beekeepers Supplies
Beer Wine and Spirit (Importers)
Beer Wine and Spirit (Retail)
Beer Wine and Spirit (Wholesale)
Bellows Makers
Belting Manufacturers of
Bereavement Counselling
Bingo Halls
Binocular and Telescope Repairs
Bird Breeders
Bird Of Prey Centre
Birth Marriage & Deaths Registration Offices
Biscuits Manufacture of
Blast Cleaning
Blast Cleaning Equipment
Blending and Mixing Machines
Blinds and Canopies
Blood Donor Services
Blood Stock Agents
Boarding Kennels
Boat and Yacht Surveyors
Boat Cleaning Services
Boat Deliverers
Boat Equipment & Accessories
Boat Excursion Operators
Boat Furnishings
Boat Moorings
Boat Rental Leasing and Charter
Boat Sales
Body Toning Studios
Boiler Manufacturers
Boilers Servicing and Repairs
Bolt and Nut Stockists
Bolts and Fixings Manufacturers of
Bonsai Retail Centres
Book Clubs
Book Publishers
Book Retailers
Bookbinding Equipment
Bookmakers and Turf Accountants
Books Secondhand
Bottle Cap Manufacturers
Bottle Manufacturers
Bottling Machinery and Related Equipment
Bouncy Castle Hire
Bowling Centres
Boxes and Carton Manufacturers
Braid and Lace Manufacturers
Brake and Clutch Manufacturers
Brake and Clutch Replacement
Brass and Copper Manufacture
Brass and Copper Stockholders
Brassware Manufacturing
Brassware Stockists
Brewers Consultants
Brewers Suppliers
Brewing Equipment
Brick Making Equipment
Brick Manufacturers
Brick Merchants
Bridal Gown Shops
Broadcasting Services
Brush Manufacturers
Builders Equipment
Builders Merchants
Building and Timber Preservation Services
Building Block Manufacturers and Suppliers
Building Construction Contractors
Building Construction Management
Building Consultants and Advisors
Building Estimators
Building Information Services
Building Services
Building Societies
Building Surveyors
Bulb Growers and Suppliers
Bullion Dealers
Bungee Jumping
Bureau De Change
Burglar Alarm Systems
Bus Operators and Stations
Business and Commerce Centres
Business Efficiency Systems
Business Information Services
Business Machine Servicing
Business Services
Business Transfer Agents
Butchers Sundries and Supplies
Butterfly Farm
Buttons and Buckles
Cabinet Makers
Cable and Wire Equipment Manufacture
Cable and Wire Supply and Distribution
Cable Television Service Providers
Cafes and Snack Bars
Cake Decorating Equipment
Cake Makers
Calendar Suppliers
Calibration Equipment Manufacturers
Calibration Equipment Services
Call Centres
Camping Equipment Suppliers
Camping Site Operators
Can Manufacturers
Candle Manufacturers and Suppliers
Cane and Basketware
Canvas Products
Car Accessories and Parts
Car Accessory Manufacturers
Car and Commercial Vehicle Repairs
Car Auctions
Car Body Repairers
Car Breakdown and Recovery
Car Breakers
Car Customisers
Car Dealers (New & Used)
Car Dealers (Used Only)
Car Engine Tuning & Diagnostic Services
Car Finance
Car Importers
Car Interior Manufacturers
Car Kit Assemblers
Car Manufacturers
Car Paint & Lacquer Manufacturers and Supply
Car Parking and Garaging Services
Car Radiator Repairs
Car Radio Dealers
Car Security
Car Sprayers
Car Sunroofs
Car Supermarkets
Car Transportation Services
Car Trimmers and Upholsterers
Car Valet Services
Car Van and Truck Electrical Centres
Car Van and Truck Leasing and Contract Hire
Car Wash Services
Car Washing and Polishing Equipment and Supplies
Caravan Accessories
Caravan and Trailer Storage
Caravan Dealers
Caravan Dealers and Manufacturers
Caravan Hire
Caravan Parks
Caravan Towing and Transportation
Caravans Repair and Servicing
Carbon Products
Card and Poster Shops
Career Information Services
Cargo Handling
Cargo Movement Controllers
Carpet and Fabric Proofing
Carpet and Rug Manufacturers
Carpet and Rug Oriental Designs
Carpet and Rug Repairers
Carpet and Rug Retailers
Carpet and Rug Wholesalers
Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners
Carpet Fitting
Carpet Fitting Accessories
Case Manufacturers
Cash and Carry Wholesalers
Cash Handling Equipment
Cash Machines
Cash Register Accessories and Services
Cash Register and EPOS Equipment
Cash Register Manufacture and Supply
Cat Breeders
Catalogue Shops
Caterers Mobile
Catering Equipment
Catering Equipment (Hire)
Catering Equipment (Servicing and Repair)
Catering Food and Drink Suppliers
Catering Schools
Catering Supplies
Caves & Caverns
Cavity Wall Insulation
CCTV & Video Equipment
Cd & Dvd Duplication Supply & Services
Cds Dvds Vinyl & Tapes
CD's Record and Cassette Manufacturers
CD's Record and Cassette Wholesalers
Ceiling Contractors
Ceilings (Suspended)
Cement Manufacturers
Cemetery & Headstone Maintenance Services
Central Government
Central Heating Radiator Cover Manufacturers of
Central Heating Supplies
Central Heating Systems (Installation and Servicing)
Ceramic Manufacturers (Supplies and Services)
Certification and Accreditation Bodies
Chain Manufacturers
Chainsaws Sales and Service
Chambers of Commerce
Chandeliers Manufacture and Supply
Charcoal Suppliers
Charities and Charitable Organisations
Charity Shops
Chauffeur Driven Car Hire
Cheese Makers
Chemical Disposal
Chemical Engineers
Chemical Manufacturers
Chemical Plant
Chemicals and Allied Products
Chemicals Distribution and Wholesale
Chemists - Wholesale
Chemists Consulting
Chemists Dispensing
Cheque Cashing Services and Operations
Child Car Seats and Safety Belts
Childcare Services
Children and Babywear Manufacture and Wholesale
Children and Babywear Retail
Childrens' Activity Playcentres
Children's Furniture
Children's Homes
Children's Ride-on Electric Vehicles
Chimney Builders
Chimney Sweeps
China and Glassware Manufacturers
China and Glassware Repairs
China and Glassware Wholesalers
China Glass and Crystalware Shops
Chinese Food Wholesalers and Suppliers
Chiropodists and Podiatrists
Chocolate and Cocoa Manufacturers
Chocolate Fountains
Christmas and Festive Goods
Chromium Plating
Church Craftsmen and Restorers
Cider Makers
Cigarette Lighters
Cinema Equipment
Circular Distribution Activities
Civil Engineers
Cladding and Insulation Materials
Cladding Suppliers and Contractors
Clairvoyants & Palmists
Classic Car Dealers and Specialists
Clay Pigeon Shoots and Rifle Ranges
Clay Producers and Merchants
Clay Products
Cleaning Contracting Commercial
Cleaning Contracting Domestic
Cleaning Contractors Equipment
Cleaning Materials and Equipment
Clinic and Hospital Supplies
Clinical Commissioning Group
Clinics Private
Clothing Accessory Manufacturers
Clothing and Fabric Manufacturers
Clothing Repairs
Clothing Retailers
Clothing Wholesale and Suppliers
Clubs Social and Associations
Coach and Bus Hire
Coach Dealers
Coach Painters
Coal and Fuel Merchants
Coal Briquettes
Coal Companies
Coal Mining Activities
Coat Hanger Manufacture and Supply
Coating Companies
Coffee and Tea Merchants
Coffee Machine Suppliers
Coffee Processors
Coffee Shops
Coffin and Casket Manufacturers
Coil Winding Services
Coins and Medals
Cold Storage
Collectors Items
Colleges (Higher Education)
Colleges (Technical and Agricultural)
Colour Analysts
Colour Manufacturers
Combat Game Operators
Comedy Clubs
Comic Suppliers
Commercial Premises Cleaning
Commercial Property Agents
Commercial Stationery Supplies
Commercial Vehicle Accessories
Commercial Vehicle Servicing Repairs Parts & Accessories
Committee Managed Organisations
Commodity Brokers
Community Centres
Community Networks
Community Projects
Companion & Escort Agencies
Company Formation Services
Company Registrar
Compensation Claims
Compost, Mulches and Peat
Computer Aided Design
Computer and Telephone Hygiene and Cleaning Services
Computer Bureau Service Providers
Computer Consumables Suppliers
Computer Game Retailers
Computer Games
Computer Leasing
Computer Repair and Maintenance Services
Computer Security
Computer Services
Computer Shareware Distributors
Computer Software (Development)
Computer Software Sales
Computer Stationery
Computer Support & Services
Computer Systems and Software (Sales)
Computer Training
Computers Mini and Micro
Concert Organisers
Concierge Service
Concrete and Mortar Manufacture and Distribution
Concrete Constructions
Concrete Contractors
Concrete Products
Concrete Pumping Services
Concrete Reinforcements
Concrete Repair Services
Condensation and Humidification Control
Condiment and Seasoning Manufacturers
Confectioners (Retail)
Confectioners and Tobacconists Wholesalers
Confectionery Manufacture
Conference Centres and Facilities
Conference Related Services
Conjuring Supplies
Conservation Organisations
Consular Services
Consumer Organisations
Container Hire and Transportation
Container Manufacturers
Continuous Stationery
Contract Furnishers
Control Panel Manufacture
Control System Equipment
Convalescent Homes
Convenience Stores
Conveyancing Services
Conveyor Belts and Systems
Cookers Sales and Service
Copying Machines and Supplies
Copying Services
Copyright Agents
Cork Products
Corporate Entertainment and Hospitality
Corporate Promotional Products
Correspondence Schools
Corrosion Prevention
Cosmetic Surgery
Cosmetics & Beauty Products Retailer
Cosmetics Manufacture
Counselling & Advice Services
Counterfeit Detector Pens
Country Clubs
Craft Centres and Retail Outlets
Craftsmen in Wood
Crane Manufacturers
Crane Sales Service and Hire
Credit and Discount Cards
Credit and Finance Companies
Credit Reference Agencies
Credit Related Institutions
Credit Repair Service
Credit Unions
Crime Prevention
Crop Spraying Contractors
Crushing Plant Mnfrs
Crushing Plants
Curriculum Vitae Services
Curtain and Blind Fitting
Curtain Fixtures and Fittings
Curtain Walling
Curtains Manufacture and Retail
Custom Clearance Agents and Services
Cutlery Manufacturers
Cutlery Suppliers
Cutter Makers Shaped
Cutting Machinery and Tools
Cutting Services
Cycle Accessories
Cycle Manufacturers and Wholesalers
Cycle Racks and Stands
Cycle Shops
Cycles Rental and Leasing
Dairy Equipment Supply and Installation
Dairy Farmers
Dairy Produce Merchants
Damp and Dry Rot Preservation Services
Damp Course Mnfrs
Dancing Schools
Data Communication Systems
Data Destruction Services
Data Information Services
Data Processing
Data Protection Registrar
Data Storage Solutions
Database Development Services
Day and Care Centres
Debt Advice Centre
Debt Collection Agencies
Decorators Merchants
Dehumidifiers and Humidifiers Suppliers of
Demolition Contractors
Dental Equipment Suppliers
Dental Technicians
Department of Transport
Departmental Stores
Design Consultants
Design Engineers
Desk Top Publishing Equipment and Related Services
Detective Agencies
Development Agencies
Diamond Cutters Merchants and Polishers
Diamond Grit and Industrial Gems
Diamond Industrial (Services)
Diamond Tool Manufacture
Dictation Machines and System Suppliers
Die Casting Equipment and Services
Diesel Engine Equipment and Services
Diesel Fuel Injection Systems
Digital Cameras and Camcorders
Digital Equipment
Digital Services
Direct Mail Service Providers
Direct Mortgage Providers and Sellers
Directory Enquiries Services
Directory Publishers
Disability Equipment (Manufacturers and Suppliers)
Disability Services
Disabled Horse Riding
Discotheque Equipment
Discount Centres
Dishwashing Machines (Sales and Service)
Display Contractors
Display Equipment and Fixtures
Disposable Products
Distribution Service Providers
Diving Equipment
Diving Schools
DIY Shops
DIY Wholesalers
Document Disposal and Shredding Equipment
Dog Breeders
Dog Clipping and Grooming
Dog Training
Dolls and Dolls Houses
Dolls Hospitals
Domestic Appliances (Sales)
Domestic Appliances (Servicing and Repairs)
Domestic Service Agencies
Domestic Waste Disposal Units
Door and Window Furniture
Door Manufacturers (Domestic Use)
Door Manufacturers (Industrial Use)
Door Operating Equipment
Door Repairs
Doors & Shutters (Sales and Installation)
Doors Patio Supply and Installation
Double Glazing Installers
Double Glazing Repairers
Double Glazing Suppliers
Drain & Sewer Clearance - Equipment
Drain and Sewer Services
Drainage Contractors
Drainage System Installation
Drama Schools
Draughtproofing Installers
Drawing Office Supplies
Dress Agencies
Dresswear Hire
Drilling and Boring Equipment
Drilling Contractors
Drinks - Delivered
Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency
Driver Hire Agencies
Driving Schools
Driving Test Centres
Drug Counselling
Drug Stores Outlets
Drums and Barrel Manufacturers and Suppliers
Dry Cleaners
Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services
Drystone Walling
Durable Goods Wholesalers
Dust Extraction Equipment Manufacturers
Dust Extraction Systems
DVD Suppliers
Dye Manufacturers
Dyslexia Advice and Support Organisations
Ear Piercing Services
Editorial Reading Services
Education (Private Tuition)
Education Agencies and Authorities
Education Services
Educational Equipment and Supplies
Educational Training
Effluent Treatment Plant and Equipment
Egg Merchants
Elastic Based Products
Electric Motor (Sales and Servicing)
Electric Motor Manufacturers
Electric Vehicles
Electrical Appliance Rental
Electrical Appliance Repairs
Electrical Appliance Testing
Electrical Contractors and Electricians
Electrical Distribution Companies
Electrical Engineers
Electrical Heating Systems
Electrical Products (Manufacture and Wholesale)
Electrical Products (Sales)
Electrical Switchgear Manufacturers
Electrical Testing Services
Electrical Wholesalers
Electricity Companies
Electricity Generating Equipment
Electronic Component Manufacture and Distribution
Electronic Engineers
Electronic Equipment (Assembly)
Electronic Equipment and Component Manufacture
Electronic Equipment for Vehicles
Emergency Gas Leaks
Employment and Recruitment Companies and Consultants
Employment Service
Endowment Compensation
Energy Conservation Consultants
Energy Management Control Systems
Engine Components (Manufacture)
Engine Manufacturers and Distributors
Engine Rebuilders
Engineering Machine Services
Engineering Materials
Engineering Services
Engineers (Consulting)
Engineers (General)
Engineers (Structural)
Engineers Agents
Engineers Merchants
Engineers' Tools and Instruments
Engines (Sales and Service)
English Language for Foreign Students
Enterprise Agencies
Entertainment Agencies
Entertainment Centres
Environmental Consultants
Environmental Engineers
Equestrian Supplies
Equine Transportation and Horse Boxes
Equipment Hire for Outdoor Activities
Equity Release Services
Essential Oil Merchants
Estate Agents
Estate Management Services
European Information
Eurotunnel Information
Examination Boards
Excursions and Sightseeing Activities
Exhaust Centres
Exhaust System Manufacturers and Wholesalers
Exhibition and Trade Centres
Exhibition and Trade Fair Organisers
Exhibition Services
Expanded Metal Manufacturers
Explosives (Engineers)
Export Packers
Fabric Retailers
Fabricated Metal Products
Facilities Management Services
Facsimile Machines
Factoring Institutions
Family Planning Clinics
Fan Clubs
Fancy Dress Outlets
Fancy Goods Manufacturers and Wholesalers
Fans and Blowing Equipment
Farm Shops
Farming (Arable)
Farming (Livestock)
Farming (Mixed)
Fashion Accessories
Fashion Agents
Fashion Shops
Fast Food Delivery
Fasteners and Fixings
Fax and Telex Service Providers
Federation of Crafts and Commerce HQ
Felt & Felt Products
Felt Manufacturers
Fence and Gate Suppliers
Fencing Contractors
Fencing Manufacturers
Feng Shui Consultants
Ferry Operators
Fibre Optics
Film and Photograph Libraries
Film Distributors
Film Production Services and Studios
Film Set Builders
Filter Manufacturers
Filtration Systems and Services
Finance Brokers
Financial Advisers (Independent)
Financial Advisers Agents
Financial Products (Direct)
Financial Services
Fire Alarm Systems
Fire And Associated Damage Restoration Services
Fire Doors
Fire Escape and Evacuation Equipment
Fire Proofing Products
Fire Protection Consultants and Engineers
Fire Stations
Firefighting Equipment
Firewood Suppliers
Firework Display Personnel
Firework Manufacturers and Distributors
Firework Stockists and Suppliers
First Aid Supplies
First Aid Training
Fish and Chip Shops
Fish Farms
Fish Merchants (Wholesale)
Fish Processing
Fish Smokers and Curers
Fishery Consultants
Fishing and Angling Equipment
Fishing and Angling Equipment (Manufacturers and Distributors)
Fishmongers and Related Services
Fitness Consultants
Fitness Equipment
Flags and Banners
Fleet Management
Flight and Airport Enquiry Lines
Flood Protection
Floor Cleaning & Polishing Equipment - Mnfrs & Distributors
Floor Laying Refinishing and Resurfacing
Floor Maintenance Equipment
Floorcoverings (Manufacturers and Wholesalers)
Floorcoverings (Retail)
Flooring (Wood)
Flooring Materials
Flooring Mezzanine
Flooring Services
Floral and Plant Displays
Florists Wholesale
Flow Measurement Equipment Manufacturers
Flowers Artificial
Fluid and Hydraulic Plant
Fly Screening
Flying Schools
Foam Products (Rubber and Plastic)
Foil Stamping
Food Colouring Flavouring & Additive Mnfrs & Distributors
Food Consultants
Food Import and Exporters and Agents
Food Packers
Food Processing Equipment and Supplies
Food Product Manufacturers
Foot Health Practitioners
Footwear Equipment Manufacture
Footwear Manufacturers
Footwear Mnfrs -Component Suppliers
Footwear Retailers
Footwear Wholesalers
Foreign Legal Documentation
Forestry Advisers
Forestry Authorities
Fork Lift Trucks
Fork Lift Trucks - Operator Training
Foundations Construction of
Foundry Machinery and Supplies
Franchise Advisers and Related Services
Franking Machines
Fraud Detection and Prevention
Freezer and Frozen Food Retailers
Freezers and Refrigerators for Domestic Use
Freezers and Refrigerators Servicing of
Freight Forwarders
Freight Services
French Polishing
Friendly Societies
Frozen Food Processors and Distributors
Frozen Foods (Wholesale)
Fruit and Vegetable (Producers)
Fruit and Vegetable (Wholesale)
Fruit Juice (Producers and Merchants)
Fuel and Oil Distributors
Fuel Dealers
Fuel Injection Services
Fuel Manufacturers
Fuel Saving and Economy Devices
Fulfilment Services
Fumigation Services
Function Halls and Rooms For Hire
Function Room For Hire
Functions - Hire Services
Fund Raising Services Charitable and Non Charitable
Funeral Directors
Funeral Services
Funfair Articles Manufacture of
Furnaces and Furnace Burners
Furnishers Contract and Household
Furnishing Services
Furniture (Fitted)
Furniture (Garden Manufacture of)
Furniture (Garden Wholesale)
Furniture (Garden)
Furniture (Renting of)
Furniture (Repair and Restored)
Furniture (Reproduction)
Furniture Designers
Furniture Fittings Manufacture of
Furniture For Home and Office
Furniture Retail Outlets
Furniture Wholesale
Further Education Schools and Colleges
Game Dealers
Games and Toys Retail Sale of
Games and Toys Wholesale of
Games Toys and Sporting Product Manufacturers of
Gaming Consoles
Garage Doors
Garage Equipment
Garage Related Services
Garden (Ornament Manufacturers)
Garden (Ornament Wholesalers)
Garden Centres
Garden Design
Garden Machinery (Sales and Service)
Garden Pond Services
Garden Sheds
Garden Tools
Gardening Services
Garment & Clothing Designers
Garment Delivery Services
Gas (Industrial and Medical Compressed)
Gas Appliances Sales and Service
Gas Companies
Gas Control Equipment
Gas Equipment Wholesalers
Gas Installers
Gas Safety Testing & Inspection
Gas Service Engineers
Gas Suppliers
Gaskets Manufacture of
Gate Mnfrs - Automated
Gates Metal Manufacture of
Gauges Manufacture of
Gear Boxes for Motor Vehicles
Gear Cutters
Gems and Precious Stones
Genealogical Organisations and Services
General and Convenience Stores
Generators Sales and Service
Geophysical Consultants
Gift Services
Gift Shops
Giftware Manufacturers
Giftware Wholesale
Glass (Safety)
Glass Boarding Up and Replacement
Glass Engravers and Decorators
Glass Fibre and Bonded Resin Manufacturers
Glass Fibre Materials and Tools
Glass Fibre Moulding
Glass Manufacturers
Glass Merchants
Glass Vessel and Product Manufacturers
Glove Manufacturers
Gold and Silversmiths
Golf Clubs
Golf Equipment
Golf Practice Ranges
Goods Delivery Services
Goods Vehicle Training
Graffiti Removal Services
Grain Wholesalers
Grainers and Marblers
Graphic Art Material Suppliers
Graphic Designers
Greeting Card Publishers and Suppliers
Greyhound Racing
Grinding Machinery and Related Services
Gritting and Snow Clearance
Groundwork Contractors
Guest Houses
Guttering Repair Services
Hair and Wool
Hair and Wool Brokers
Hair Transplant and Enhancement
Hairdressers (Gents)
Hairdressers (Ladies)
Hairdressers (Unisex)
Hairdressers Supplies
Hairdressing Schools
Handicraft Schools
Handling Equipment
Handrail and Balustrade Manufacture
Harbours and Ports Operation of
Hardware and Ironmongers Merchants
Hat Shops
Hats and Caps Manufacturers
Health & Safety Products
Health Authorities
Health Centres
Health Clubs
Health Food Retailers
Health Insurance Services
Healthcare Companies
Hearing Aid Suppliers
Heat Exchangers Manufacturers of
Heat Treatment (Metals)
Heating and Ventilating Contractors Association
Heating Appliances (Spare Parts)
Heating Contractors
Heating Contractors - Under Floor
Heating Equipment Sales and Service
Heating System Consultants
Helicopter Flights
Heraldry and Family Crest Advisers
Herb Growers
Herbs and Spices Suppliers and Retailers
Heritage Centre
Hi Fi Centres
Hi Fi Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers
Hi Fi Systems Service and Repairs
Hide Dealers and Merchants
Hinge Manufacturers
Historic Houses & Gardens
HM Prisons
Holding Companies Management Activities
Holiday Parks and Camps
Holidays (Self Catering)
Holidays for the Disabled
Holidays with Pets Welcome
Hologram Image Producers
Home Brew Equipment and Supplies
Home Care and Help Services
Home Care Service Providers
Home Improvement
Home Information Packs (HIPs)
Home Shopping
Home Staging
Homeopathic Practitioners
Horse Breeders
Horse Drawn Carriage (Hire)
Horse Trainers
Horticultural Consultants
Horticultural Equipment Manufacturers
Horticultural Plant and Equipment Servicing
Horticultural Supplies
Hosepipe Fittings Manufacturers and Suppliers
Hosepipe Manufacturers
Hosiery Manufacturers and Wholesale
Hospital Equipment
Hot Air Balloons
Hotel Booking Agencies
House Clearance Services
Household Furnishing Manufacturers
Household Stores
Housing Advice
Housing Associations Societies Trusts & Co-Operatives
Hydraulic Engineers
Hydraulic Equipment & Accessories - Sales & Service
Hydraulic Equipment Manufacturers
Hygiene and Cleaning Services
Ice Cream Manufacturers and Distributors
Ice Cream Parlours
Ice Cream Production Equipment and Supplies
Ice Machines
Ice Sculptures
Ice Suppliers
Identification and Engraving Equipment
Identification Card Producers
Image Processing Services
Immigration Advice & Services
Import and Export Agents
Industrial Consultants
Industrial Engineers
Industrial Gas Plant Installations
Industrial Instrumentation Manufacture
Industrial Machinery Suppliers and Manufacturers
Industrial Services
Industrial Units
Inflatable Rafts and Lifeboats
Information Services
Inland Revenue
Inns and Public House Brokers
Insolvency Practitioners
Instrumentation Consultants and Engineers
Instruments for Medical Purposes Manufacturers
Insulated Cable and Wire Manufacturers
Insulation Installers
Insurance - Car and Automotive
Insurance - Caravan
Insurance - Classic Car
Insurance - Commercial
Insurance - Household
Insurance - Motorcycle
Insurance - Other
Insurance - Pet
Insurance Brokers
Insurance Claims Investigators
Insurance Companies and Agents
Insurance Services
Interactive Broadcasting
Intercom Systems
Interior Decorators Supplies
Interior Designers
Interior Landscaping
Internet Cafes
Internet Publishers
Internet Security
Internet Service Providers
Internet Services
Internet Training
Introduction Agencies
Introduction Agents
Investment Companies and Vehicles
Investment Consultants
Invisible Mending
Invoice Discounting Services
Ironing Services
Irrigation Systems Design and Development
IT Consultants
Janitorial Equipment (Servicing and Repairs)
Jazz and Soul Clubs and Pubs
Jeans and Denim Shops
Jewellers Equipment
Jewellery Costume
Jewellery Designers
Jewellery Manufacture and Repair
Jewellery Retail Sale of
Jewellery Wholesale of
Joinery and Carpentry
Joinery Manufacturers
Joinery Suppliers
Joining Technologies
Juggling Equipment Suppliers
Juice Bars
Juke Box Suppliers and Renovators
Karting Circuits and Centres
Key Cutting Services
Kissogram Operators
Kitchen Furniture Manufacturers
Kitchen Planners and Installers
Knitted Fabrics Manufacturers
Knitted Goods Shops
Knitting Machines
Knitting Pattern Designers
Knitwear and Fabric Producers
Knitwear Manufacturers and Wholesalers
Kosher Food
Labelling Stamping and Imprinting Equipment
Labels Finishing and Supply
Laboratory Equipment Supply and Manufacture
Laboratory Supplies
Laboratory Type Equipment
Ladies Fashionwear (Retail)
Ladies Fashionwear (Wholesale)
Laminate Manufacturers
Lamination Services
Lampshade Manufacturers
Land Agencies
Land Developers
Land Surveying Activities
Landscape Contractors
Landscape Designers
Language Schools
Laser Cutting
Laser Eye Surgery
Laser Games Arenas
Laser Instruments (Sales and Maintenance)
Laundry and Dry Cleaning Supplies
Laundry Equipment (Sales and Service)
Laundry Equipment Manufacturers
Lead Sheets and Products
Leasing Companies
Leather and Hide Products (Manufacture and Supply)
Leather Fashionwear (Manufacture and Supply)
Leather Goods (Cleaning of)
Leather Merchants
Leathergoods Retail of
Legal Services
Leisure Centres
Leisure Wear
Letting Agents
Life Assurance Services
Life Coaching
Life Saving Appliances
Lifeboat Stations
Lift Manufacture of
Lifting Equipment
Lifts (Maintenance and Repair)
Lighting Consultants
Lighting Contractors
Lighting Equipment Manufacturers of
Lighting Retailers
Lighting Wholesale and Supply
Lightning Conductors Installation of
Lime Manufacture of
Limited Company Registration Services
Limousine Hire
Linen Hire
Linen Manufacture of
Linen Retail
Lingerie Manufacturers
Lingerie Retail
Liquid Gas Bottle Manufacturers
Literary Agents
Lithograph Plate Producers
Lithographic Printers
Livery Companies
Livestock Breeders
Livestock Equipment
Livestock Markets
Livestock Transport Services
Loans & Debt - Management
Local Government
Lock Suppliers
Loft Access Ladders
Loft and Property Converters
Loom Operators and Weavers
Loose Covers Manufacturers
Lost Bank Cards
LPG Conversions
Lubricating Oils Manufacturers
Lubrication Equipment
Lubrication Services
Luggage and Handbag Retailers
Luggage Wholesale
Machine Tool Services
Machine Tools Manufacturers of
Machine Tools Sales of
Magnetic Equipment and Magnet Suppliers
Mail Distribution and Delivery of
Mail Order Houses
Mailing List Brokers
Mailing Process Machines and Equipment
Make-Up Artists
Malt Manufacturers
Management and Business Consultants
Management Services
Manhole Cover Manufacturers
Mannequins and Models
Manufacturers Agents
Manufacturers General
Manufacturing Consultants
Map Suppliers
Marble and Granite Suppliers
Marinas Activities of
Marine Electrical Services
Marine Electronic Equipment Design and Manufacture
Marine Engines and Engineering
Marine Equipment Manufacturers
Marine Equipment Supplies
Marine Outboard Motor Sales and Service
Marine Services
Marine Surveyors
Market Gardeners
Market Research Organisations
Market Stall Erectors and Constructors
Market Stall Operators
Marketing Boards and Bodies
Marketing Consultants
Marquee Hire
Marquee Manufacturers
Martial Art Instruction
Martial Arts Equipment
Material Handling Equipment
Maternity Clothing
Matting Manufacturers of
Meals on Wheels
Measuring Instruments and Appliances
Meat Products Production of
Meat Wholesalers
Mechanical Assembly
Mechanical Engineering General
Mechanical Handling
Mediation Services
Medical Equipment Leasing and Rental
Medical Equipment Maintenance
Medical Equipment Manufacture of
Medical Laboratories
Medical Waste Services
Members of Parliaments
Menswear Hire
Menswear Retail
Mental Health Centres
Merchants Banks
Message & Greeting Services
Metal Cutters and Shearers
Metal Detectors
Metal Finishing and Polishing Equipment
Metal Finishing and Polishing Services
Metal Merchants
Metal Pressworkers
Metal Restoration and Maintenance
Metal Smallware Manufacturers
Metal Spinners
Metalwork Ornamental Production of
Meters Manufacturers of
Microfilm Services
Microwave Ovens Manufacturers and Suppliers
Military Equipment Dealers
Mill Shop Outlets
Millinery Manufacturers
Mills and Millers
Mineral Suppliers and Wholesalers
Mini Buses Hire of
Mining of Metals
Ministry of Defence
Mobile Disco Operators
Mobile Home Parks
Mobile Homes
Mobile Phone Content and Entertainment
Mobile Phone Repairs
Mobile Phone Suppliers
Mobility Equipment
Model Makers
Model Shops
Model Village
Modelling Agencies
Money Transfer Services
Monumental Masons
Mortar Ready Mixed
Mortars Manufacturers of
Mortgage Brokers
MOT Testing Stations
Motor Cycles & Scooters
Motor Factors
Motor Sport Preparation
Motor Vehicle Mechanics
Motorcycle Instruction
Motorcycles Breakdown and Recovery
Motorcycles Dismantlers and Salvage
Motorcycles Engines and Component Manufacturers
Motorcycles Parts and Accessories Manufacturers of
Motorcycles Renting of
Motoring Organisations and Institutes
Motorway Services
Mould Rubber and Plastic Manufacturers
Multimedia Publishers and Producers
Multimedia Stores
Murder Mystery Evenings and Weekends
Museums & Art Galleries
Mushroom Growers
Music Publishers
Music Shops
Music Teachers
Musical Instrument Manufacturers
Musical Instrument Restoration and Repair
Musical Instruments and Sheet Music Retailers
Musicians and Orchestras
Nanny Agencies
Needlecraft Shops and Wool Retailers
Neighbourhood Watch
Netting and Netting Product Manufacturers
New Age and Ethnic Product Retailers
News and Photograph Agencies
Newsagents Wholesale
Newspapers Publishing
NHS Clinics
Nightclubs Activities of
Non Ferrous Metals Production of
Notaries Activities of
Novelty Products
Nuclear Engineers
Number Plate Suppliers
Nurseries Wholesale
Nursery Schools
Nursing Agencies
Nursing Homes
Occupational Health
Office Equipment Manufacturers
Office Equipment Servicing
Office Furniture and Equipment Rental and Leasing
Office Furniture and Equipment Suppliers
Office Interior Design Services
Office Planning Services
Office Premises Retail
Office Refurbishment Services
Office Rental
Oil and Gas Exploration Services
Oil and Gas Extraction
Oil Companies
Oil Disposal Services
Oil Fired Heating Equipment
Oil Refineries
Oils and Fats Edible
Online Gaming
Optical Goods (Retail)
Optical Goods (Wholesale)
Optical Product Manufacturers
Opticians Dispensing
Opticians Ophthalmic
Organic Food Production and Supply
Organised Childrens Play Schemes
Organs Sales and Service
Orthopaedic Equipment
Outdoor Clothing and Equipment
Outdoor Leisure Pursuit Organisers and Equipment
Oven Cleaning
Oven Manufacturers
Overseas Real Estate Agents
Packaging Equipment
Packaging Materials Manufacturers
Packing Crate and Pallet Suppliers
Paging Equipment Suppliers
Paint and Coating Sprayers
Paint and Varnish Removers
Paint Manufacturers
Paint Spraying Equipment
Paint Varnish & Lacquer
Paintball Games
Painters and Decorators
Painting and Decorating Merchants and Suppliers
Painting Contractors
Panel Beaters
Paper and Cardboard Manufacturers
Paper and Cardboard Packaging Manufacturers
Paper and Paperboard Suppliers
Paper and Pulp Mills
Paper Bag Manufacturers
Paper Finishers and Converters
Paper Making Engineers
Paper Merchants
Paper Products
Park and Ride
Parks & Gardens
Partition Installation of
Partition Walling Manufacturers
Party Organisers
Party Plan Agents
Passport Services
Patent Agents
Patent Services
Pattern Books
Pattern Bunch and Card Makers
Pattern Makers
Pattern Makers - Paper
Paving Contractors
Paving Supplies
Payroll Services
PC Manufacturers
Pension Advisers and Consultants
Pension Companies
Performing Arts Management and Promotion
Perfume Wholesale and Suppliers
Personal Image Consultants
Personal Number Providers
Personnel Supply Services
Pest Control
Pest Control Application Products
Pet and Home Sitting
Pet Cemeteries
Pet Services
Pet Shops and Supplies
Petrol Pump Maintenance Services
Petrol Pump Manufacturers and Suppliers
Petrol Service Stations
Petroleum Product Producers
Pharmaceutical Products Manufacturers of
Pharmaceutical Suppliers and Wholesalers
Phone Shops
Photo and Imaging Bureau
Photocopier Suppliers
Photograph Restoration
Photographers (Commercial)
Photographers (General)
Photographic Equipment and Supplies Manufacturers of
Photographic Equipment and Supplies Retail of
Photographic Equipment and Supplies Wholesale of
Photographic Equipment Repair Services
Photographic Processing
Photographic Studios
Pianos Tuning and Maintenance
Pick Your Own Fruit and Vegetables
Picture and Frame Restoration Services
Picture Framing Services
Pie Manufacturers and Suppliers
Pin and Needle Manufacturers
Pine Furniture
Pipe Line Consultants
Pipeline Manufacturers
Pipes and Fittings
Pipework Contractors
Pistons and Piston Rings
Pizza Suppliers
Places of Interest
Places of Worship
Planning Consultants
Planning Supervisors
Plant and Machinery Installation
Plant and Machinery Maintenance and Repairs
Plant and Machinery Manufacturers of
Plant and Tool Hire
Plant Dealers
Plant Hire and Leasing
Plaster and Building Board
Plaster Manufacture of
Plasterers' Equipment and Supplies
Plastering and Related Building Services
Plastic Coating Services
Plastic Extruders
Plastic Injection Moulding
Plastic Product Making Machines Manufacturers of
Plastic Product Manufacturers of
Plastics - Engineering Materials
Plastics - Engineers
Plastics - Fabrics, Film and Sheet
Plastics - Laminated Materials
Plastics - Reinforced
Plastics - Stockholders
Plastics and Plastic Product Suppliers
Plastics Raw Materials
Plastics Welded and Fabricated
Playground Equipment
Plumbers Merchants
Plus size Clothing Shops
Plywood Manufacturers and Suppliers
Pneumatic System Engineers
Pneumatic Systems and Equipment
Police Forces
Police Support Services
Political Consultants
Political Parties
Pollution Control
Polythene Sheeting Supplies
Pools Promoters
Portable Buildings
Portable Toilets
Post Offices
Postcard Dealers
Poster Designers
Pot Pourri
Potato Merchants
Potato Processing
Potters Merchants
Pottery Manufacturers of
Pottery Production Equipment and Supplies
Poultry and Game Breeders
Poultry Dealers and Wholesalers
Poultry Farmers
Poultry Machines and Equipment Supplies
Powder Coating Specialists
Powder Processing Equipment
Power Boat and Motor Cruising Schools
Power Transmission Equipment
Power Transmission Services
Powertools Manufacture and Supply
Pre School Education
Precious Metals Recovery of
Precision Engineers
Pregnancy Testing and Help Centres
Pre-Packed Fuel Distributors
Prescription Delivery
Press Cutting Bureau
Press Tool and Jig Manufacturers and Distributors
Presses Power
Pressure Vessels
Pressure Washer Services
Primary and Junior Schools (Foundation)
Primary and Junior Schools (Local Authority)
Print Finishers
Printed and Integrated Circuit Services
Printed Circuits Manufacture of
Printers General
Printers on Plastics and Other Surfaces
Printers Services and Supplies
Printers Textile and Fabrics
Printing Engineering Services
Printing Ink Manufacturers
Printing Production Equipment and Machinery
Private Detectives
Probate Registries
Probation Services
Process Control Engineers
Procurement Services
Produce Merchants
Production Engineers
Professional Speakers
Project Management Services
Projection Screens - Mfrs & Suppliers
Promotion Consultants (Sales)
Property Developers
Property Investment Company
Property Leasing
Property Maintenance Services
Property Owners
Property Refurbishment Contractors
Property Search
Property Shops
Protective Clothing and Workwear
Protective Equipment
Public Address & Music Systems - Suppliers & Installers
Public Analysts
Public House Management Services
Public Houses Activities of
Public Relations Consultants
Public Works Contractors
Publishing Services
Pump Device Manufacturers of
Pumps Sales and Servicing
Pushchair and Prams
PVC Product Based Manufacturers and Suppliers
Quality Award Consultants and Procedure Assessors
Quantity Surveyors
Quartz Crystal Manufacturers
Rabbit Breeders
Racecourses and Racetracks
Racking Systems Suppliers and Installers
Radar Equipment Mnfrs
Radiators - Domestic
Radio and Television Manufacturers
Radio and Television Production Services
Radio Equipment
Radio Navigational Equipment
Radiographic Imaging Services
Radon Gas Detection & Services
Rag Merchants
Rail Transport Services
Railing Manufacture of
Railway Attractions
Railway Equipment and Related System Manufacturers
Railway Sleepers
Railway Wagons and Stock
Railways Operators of
Razor Blade Manufacturers
Reclamation Centres
Record Publishing
Recording Instruments
Recording Services Sound
Recruitment (Armed Forces)
Reflexology Therapists
Refractory Materials
Refrigeration Equipment (Commercial and Industrial)
Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturers
Refrigerator Accessories and Parts
Refuse Collection
Refuse Compactors
Rehabilitation Centres
Rehearsal Studios
Relaxation Therapy
Religious Articles and Furniture
Religious Organisations and Places of Worship
Relocation Services
Removals (Overseas)
Removals and Storage Activities (Domestic)
Removals Industrial and Business
Replacement Window Services and Repairs
Representative Office
Research and Laboratory Based Activities
Research Institutions and Organisations
Researchers Literary
Residential Care Establishments
Residential Property Developers
Resin Manufacturers
Rest and Retirement Homes
Restaurant - American
Restaurant - Caribbean
Restaurant - Chinese
Restaurant - English
Restaurant - Ethiopian
Restaurant - French
Restaurant - Greek
Restaurant - Indian
Restaurant - Italian
Restaurant - Jamaican
Restaurant - Japanese
Restaurant - Korean
Restaurant - Lebanese
Restaurant - Mediterranean
Restaurant - Mexican
Restaurant - Nepalese
Restaurant - Pizza
Restaurant - Pub Food
Restaurant - Seafood
Restaurant - Spanish
Restaurant - Thai
Restaurant - Tunisian
Restaurant - Turkish
Restaurant - Vegetarian
Restaurant and Hotel Equipment
Riding Schools Livery Stables & Equestrian Centres
Riding Wear and Equestrian Supplies
River Authorities
Road and Highway Equipment Manufacturers
Road Haulage and Transport Services
Road Surface Marking
Road Surfacers
Road Surfacing Material Materials
Road Wheels Manufacturers of
Roads Construction of
Roll Makers For Steel and Paper
Roller Blind and Component Manufacturers
Roller Shutter and Grille Manufacturers
Rolling Mills and Rolled Metal
Roof and Skylights
Roofing Contracting Services
Roofing Materials
Roofing Materials and Related Products
Ropes and Cables
Rose Growers
Rubber Product Manufacturers of
Rubber Stamp Manufacturers and Suppliers of
Rustproofing Services
Safe Deposits
Safes Suppliers and Installation of
Safety Advisers and Technicians
Safety Equipment Suppliers
Sailing and Rowing Boats
Sailing Schools
Sails Manufacture of
Salt Wholesale of
Sandwich and Snack Delivery Services
Sanitary Products Manufacturers
Sanitary Services
Sanitary Ware Manufacturers
Satellite Navigation
Satellite Television Equipment and Related Services
Sauna and Solarium Equipment
Saunas Activities of and Establishments
Sausage Production of
Saw and Sawblade Manufacturers
Saw and Sawblade Sharpening
Sawdust and Shavings
Sawmills Activities of
Scaffolding Manufacturers
Scaffolds and Work Platform Erectors
Scaffolds Renting of
Scales Manufacturers of
School Equipment
School Outfitters
Schools - Business
Schools (Independent)
Schools (Leisure Based Activities)
Schools (Special)
Schools and Colleges (Art)
Schools of Music
Science Centres
Scientific Machinery and Instrument Manufacturers
Scout, Guides, Cubs and Brownie Groups
Scrap Metal Dealers
Screen Printers
Screens Manufacturers of
Sculptors Activities of
Seal Manufacturers
Sealing Compounds and Application
Seals Manufacturers and Suppliers of
Seats Manufacturers of
Second Hand Furniture
Secondary Schools (Foundation)
Secondary Schools (Local Authority)
Second-Hand Goods Retail Sale of
Secretarial and Business Colleges
Secretarial Services
Section and Tube Manipulators
Security Activities
Security Equipment Installers
Security Equipment Suppliers and Manufacturers
Security Shutters
Seeds Wholesale of
Semiconductor Manufacturers
Separator Manufacturers
Septic Tanks Emptying and Cleaning of
Serviced Office Facilities
Sewage Disposal of
Sewage Treatment Specialists
Sewing Centres
Sewing Contractors
Sewing Industrial
Sewing Machines (Commercial)
Sewing Machines Suppliers
Sewing Thread Manufacturers of
Share Dealing Services
Shavers Electric Repairers
Sheet Metal Fabrication Equipment
Sheet Metal Fabricators
Shell Fish Suppliers and Processors
Sheltered Housing Accommodation
Sheriffs Officers
Shipping Companies
Ships Agents
Ships Brokers
Ships Building and Repairing of
Ships Chandlers
Shirts Manufacture of
Shoes Repairs of
Shooting and Fishing Agents
Shop Fittings and Fixtures Installers of
Shop Fittings Manufacturers of
Shopfitting Contractors
Shopping Centres
Shoulder Pad Clothiers
Shower-Baths Manufacturers and Suppliers
Shuttering and Formwork
Sign and Nameplate Equipment
Sign and Nameplate Erectors
Sign and Nameplate Suppliers
Sign and Poster Site Maintenance
Silicones Manufacturers of
Silk Type Fabrics Manufacturers of
Site Investigation Services
Sixth Form Colleges
Skates and Skateboarding Equipment
Skating Rinks
Ski Equipment
Ski Slopes
Skip Hire
Slate Quarried Products
Slide Fasteners Manufacturers of
Sliding Doors
Slimming Clubs and Services
Smokers Requisites
Smoking - Helping to Quit
Snooker Halls
Snooker Tables and Accessory Suppliers
Soft Drinks (Distributors)
Soft Drinks (Manufacturers)
Soft Furnishing Manufacturers of
Soft Furnishings Retail Sale of
Solar Energy Equipment
Solariums Activities Related to
Soldering, Brazing and Bonding
Sound and Acoustic Engineers
Sound Equipment Cabinet Manufacturers
Sound Equipment Installation and Rental
Sound Insulation Consultants
Sound Recording Apparatus and Equipment
Sound Recording Studios
Sound System Manufacturers
Spark Erosion
Spas and Whirlpool Baths Suppliers of
Specialised Building Trade Contractors
Speech Therapists
Sporting Injury Therapists and Clinics
Sports Clubs
Sports Coaching
Sports Equipment
Sports Goods and Equipment - Mail Order
Sports Goods Manufacturers of
Sports Goods Retail Sale of
Sports Goods Retailers
Sports Management Services
Sports Surfaces - Artificial
Sportswear Manufacturers of
Sportswear Wholesalers
Springs Manufacturers of
Squash Clubs
Stadium Developers and Contractors
Stadiums and Sports Grounds
Staff (Domestic)
Stained and Coloured Glass Designers and Producers
Stainless Steel Finished Products
Stainless Steel Manufacturers
Stainless Steel Stockholders
Stainless Steel Workers
Stairlift (Automated Manufacture and Installation)
Stairs Manufacturers of
Stamp Dealers
Static Caravans
Stationery Manufacturers of
Stationery Suppliers
Stationery Wholesale of
Steam Cleaning
Steam Engineers
Steel Constructed Buildings
Steel Fabricators
Steel Manufacturers of
Steel Stockholders
Steel Tubes and Hollow Sections
Stenographic Services
Step Ladder Manufacturers
Step Ladder Sales and Supply
Stocktaking Services
Stone and Exterior Cleaning
Stone Articles Manufacture of
Stone Merchants
Storage Facilities Operation of
Storage Systems
Stoves (Non Electric)
Strapping Equipment and Materials
Straw Merchants
Stress Management Services
Structural Consultants
Stud Farms
Student Accommodation
Sugar Refining
Sunbed Equipment
Sunbed Hire of
Surgical Equipment Manufacture of
Surplus Goods
Surveying Instruments
Surveyors (Rating)
Surveyors and Valuers
Swimming Pool Equipment Suppliers of
Swimming Pools Construction of
Swimming Pools Operation of
Synthetic Textiles
T Shirt Manufacturers of
Tableware Manufacturers and Suppliers of
Tag Label Manufacturers
Take Away Meal Outlets
Tank and Cistern Manufacturers and Suppliers of
Tanks Repairing Cleaning and Maintenance of
Tapes - Industrial
Tar and Bituminous Products
Tarpaulins Manufacturers of
Tartan and Kilt Suppliers
Tattoo Artists
Tattoo Removal
Tax Consultancy
Taxidermy Activities
Taximeters and Equipment Suppliers
Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles
Tea Processors
Teaching Equipment
Technical and Industrial Schools
Telecom Consultants
Telecom Equipment and Systems
Telecom Services
Telecommunication Networks
Telephone Answering & Recording Machines
Telephone Answering Services
Telephone Card Suppliers
Telephone Equipment
Telephone Helpline Services
Telephone Marketing Services
Television and Radio Goods Servicing and Maintenance
Television and Radio Station Operators
Television Goods Hire and Rental of
Television Goods Retail Sale of
Television Goods Wholesalers
Television Licence Suppliers
Temperature Monitoring Equipment Systems
Tennis Courts
Tennis Courts Construction of
Tent Manufacturers
Testing Apparatus Manufacturers
Textile Accessories
Textile Design and Production
Textile Importers and Exporters
Textile Manufacturers of
Textile Merchants
Textile Waste
Thatching and Conservation Related Crafts and Services
Theatres & Concert Halls
Theatrical Agencies
Theatrical Costume Suppliers
Theatrical Presentation Companies
Theme Parks Operation of
Thermometers Electronic & Non Electronic
Ticket Agencies Operation of
Ticket Printers
Tie and Scarf Suppliers
Ties Manufacturers of
Tile Laying and Fitting Contractors
Tile Manufacturers of
Tile Wholesalers and Suppliers
Timber Constructed Buildings
Timber Engineers
Timber Merchants
Time Recording Equipment Manufacturers of
Timeshare Operations
Tobacco Agents Importers and Distributors
Tobacco Products Manufacturers of
Tobacco Products Retail Sale of
Tobacconists' Suppliers
Toilet Articles
Tool Hire Services
Tool Manufacturers of
Tool Repair Services
Tool Suppliers
Tool Tungsten Manufacturers of
Torches and Flashlights
Tour Operators
Tourist Information Offices
Towel Supplies
Towing Bars Fitting and Supply
Towing Services
Town and City Planning
Toy Libraries
Trace Heating Products and Services
Tractor Manufacturers
Trade and Business Organisations
Trade Assoc & Regulatory Bodies
Trade Surplus Stores
Trade Unions Activities of
Trademark Agents and Advisers
Trading Standards
Traffic Administration and Management Systems
Trailers and Semi-Trailers
Trailers and Semi-Trailers Hire and Rental
Train Information Services
Train Stations
Training Centres
Training Providers
Training Services
Transformer Electric Manufacturer of
Translation Activities
Transport Equipment Manufacturers of
Transportation Consultants
Travel Agency Activities
Travel Clinics
Travel Insurance Services
Tree Surgeons
Trolley Manufacturers of
Trophy and medal Suppliers
Tube and Fitting Suppliers
Tube Benders
Tube Fittings
Turbines and Parts Thereof Manufacturers
Turbo Manufacturers
Turf Suppliers and Contractors
TV and Film Producers and Directors
TV and Video Remote Controls
TV DVD and Video Rental
Typewriter Suppliers
Tyre Dealers
Tyre Disposal
Tyre Manufacturers and Distributors
Tyre Production Machinery and Equipment
Tyre Rebuilding Retreading and Repairs
Tyre Wholesale Suppliers of
Ultrasonic Instrument Manufacturers of
Uniform Suppliers
Unit Trust Brokers
University Activities of
Upholstered Chair and Seat Manufacturers of
Upholstery Supplies
Utility Brokers
Vacuum Cleaners Industrial & Commercial - Mnfrs & Distributors
Vacuum Cleaners Industrial & Commercial - Repairs & Servicing
Vacuum Cleaners Sales and Repairers of
Vacuum Engineering and Equipment
Vacuum Formed Plastics
Valeting Services
Valves Manufacturers of
Van and Truck Bodybuilders and Repairers
Van and Truck Breakdown and Recovery
Van and Truck Component Manufacturers
Van and Truck Dealers
Van and Truck Manufacturers
Van and Truck Vehicle Security
Van Hire
Vehicle Component Manufacturers
Vehicle Conversions
Vehicle Gas Suppliers and Installation
Vehicle Inspection Services
Vehicle Rental (Car)
Vehicle Salvage Dealers
Vending Machine Contents
Vending Machine Manufacturers of
Vending Machines Sale Rental and Supply
Veneer Sheets Manufacture
Ventilation Installation of
Ventilation Systems
Venture Finance Companies
Veterinary Activities
Veterinary Equipment Manufacturers
Veterinary Pharmacies
Vibration and Noise Consultants
Video Conferencing
Video Libraries
Video Production Companies
Video Production Equipment
Video Tape Distributors
Video Tape Shops
Visa Services
Visitor Centres
Wall Ties
Washing Machines Laundry Type
Washing Machines Service and Repair
Washroom Services
Waste Disposal
Waste Disposers Installation and Repair
Waste Merchants
Waste Paper Merchants
Waste Processing Machinery
Waste Reclamation
Watch and Clock Manufacturers
Watch and Clock Sales & Repairs
Water and Sewage Engineers
Water Authorities
Water Bottled
Water Companies
Water Fresh Coolers
Water Garden Construction Services
Water Softener Manufacture and Supply
Water Treatment Services
Waterjet Cutting Services
Waterproof Garment and Clothing
Waterproof Materials Manufacturers of
Watersport Activities
Waxes Artificial and Prepared Manufacture of
Weather Service Providers
Web Site Design and Development
Wedding Services
Wedding Venues - Civil
Weighbridge Manufacturers
Weighbridges - Public
Welding Machines and Equipment Manufacturers of
Welding Services
Wheel and Castor Manufacturers of
Wheel Clamping
Whisky Brokers
Whistle and Bell Manufacturers
Wigs and Hairpieces
Wills Preparation of
Winch Manufacturers
Wind Generation Equipment and Windmills
Window Cleaning
Window Consultants
Window Dressing Services
Window Film Products
Window Frame Manufacturers of
Window Frame Manufacturing Equipment
Window Frame Sales and Service
Window Tinting
Windows (Leaded)
Windows Specialised
Windscreen replacement and Repair Services
Windsurfing Activity Products
Wine Bars
Wine From Self Produced Grapes
Wire Making Machines
Wire products manufacturers of
Wooden Goods Other Than Furniture
Woodforming and Working
Woodturning Activities
Woodworking Machinery
Woodworking Supplies
Woodworm Prevention and Treatment Services
Wool Wholesalers
Woollen Products
Word Processing Service
Workwear Hire
Writing & Drawing Materials - Mnfrs
Wrought Iron Product Design and Production
X-Ray Facilities and Services
Yacht and Boat Designers
Yacht and Boat Instrumentation
Yacht Brokers
Yacht Masts and Spars
Yarn Wholesale of
Youth Centres and Associations
Youth Hostels
Zoos Activities of