Email Broadcasting

Email broadcasting is one of the most powerful methods of communication with your prospects and customers alike. However this is only true when it is done professionally. Trying to send out your marketing messages using just your personal email account is going to hinder your email campaign and will actively harm your results. We have dedicated servers to broadcast your marketing message designed specifically for that job.

Why choose our Email Broadcasting

Nobody would ever believe that a prospect communicated to in a cold manner by an unknown company or salesman would be enthusiastically received, or would they?

Certainly many companies send out email exercises on a mass basis, with a view to fully expecting a avalanche of interest.  Sales at its most basic levels of years ago were built on developing relationships.  The most opened email will always be from a friend or one that offers you something of value.  The email from a trusted sender or a supplier that you know is writing to tell you something of interest.  An established relationship is not the result of a one off, cold message from an unknown source to a cold, unknown recipient.  A recipient needs to learn that this sender has the needs  of his recipient at heart. He wants to help and to provide messages of value. He wants to portray sincere benefits. There needs to be a common denominator that links each message and which the recipient becomes to respect and has a desire to read. This can only be achieved slowly, with patience On line sales from a brand may well work successfully but selling commercially requires a trust and respect from the buyer and client understanding from the seller. That scenario cannot be achieved on a one off communication.  A campaign built around repeated communication  and offering advice and service ( not selling ) will achieve results on an increasing basis and this can be monitored by investigating tracking report figures.

One of the best reasons to use our email broadcasting service is to manage your email list for you.  We take care of all of the unsubscribes (opt outs) from your email campaigns as well as removing any bounced emails.  These feature are all automatically processed, so you are ready to send out your next email shot at any point.
This is a document that is generated following an email campaign.  It imparts information on a number of campaign elements.  What was the volume actually sent, on what day and what time? It tells the sender the number of hard bounces (deadlines) and soft bounces (out of office etc) that occurred.  Dependent on content and if links added, it will analyse click through rate.  Finally it will denote the number of un subscribes (legally added to the email content) which are automatically removed the original list used.

The tracking report if used correctly can monitor any effects that changes made to the subject line or content produce.  It can compare percentage increases or decreases to repeat communications and it can result in a growing list of future interested prospects.

Our static IP address and good server reputation offers protection against spam filters
We have high deliverability rates
No Contacts required, , no commitments or set up rates. Only pay for what you use
Minimum Hassle – We upload data straight to our server

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