International Lists

Over the last few years, the UK economy has brought a tightening of market potential, hence many companies are now looking overseas for new markets. Exporting can be highly profitable and many companies around the world seek British products and expertise. We can help you locate these prospects and guide you through the difficulties raised when purchasing international lists.

Why choose our International Lists

With the recent current economic climate in the UK many businesses have been looking overseas for sales. Export has been growing and it makes perfect sense when many countries are eager to buy British products. International lists are thus we believe on a growing trend.

However, it is impossible to overestimate the difficulties involved in attempting to overcome all the obvious hurdles of language, category definitions, geography knowledge and other cultural differences when compiling lists from around the world. Of course not all countries have the capability to capture data and even less ability to update regularly. Other countries have unstable governments and many an ever changing population mass for many reasons. The international data lists provided by Whichlist2 contacts therefore tends to cover Europe, USA and other developed countries but we are able to also cover the business data of over 98 other countries.

Whichlist2 can really help to find you the right contacts and the right targeted international lists.

When selecting International lists, every country has it’s own definition of business type, and the vast majority of available selections are in no manner as targeted as the UK. It is vitally important to all parties that expectations are clear at commencement, especially if a variety of countries are being investigated.

The smaller businesses in a country are often difficult to source and emails are usually low in volume. The larger companies have considerably more data on offer, including a selection of named contacts in a variety of job positions, company turnover, category defined by the SIC (standard industrial classification) system and generally emails are available.

Selections vary from country to country but a few selections are as below:

  • Country
  • Top business by size
  • Head Offices / Single Sites
  • Foreign Head Offices
  • Over 20 different named job positions
  • SIC business categories
  • Company Type ( Ltd / PLC )
  • Euro Money Readers
  • Senior Lawyers
  • International Magazine Readers
When renting or purchasing international lists it is important to take both cost and quality into account. We always use reputable databases to give you the best start to your marketing campaigns.

Although no database can be perfect, higher quality data should both make you more sales and save you money.

Many of our international lists hold multi channel information to offer you the ability to market to them via, post, telephone and email.

Providing a variety of elements that enable a list to be used to maximum effect by differing users, it can enable a salesforce to call it’s prospects, a marketing team to map it’s clients, the IT team to communicate messages via email or to contact prospects via their mobile phones.


Why choose Whichlist2