Business Email Lists UK

People in a business receive hundreds of emails per week. Sadly many are irrelevant to the person in whose inbox it arrives. It might be the receptionist or the managing director, when it’s the health & safety officer you need to address. It is vitally important when choosing a business email list to determine if it contains generic data, personal data and what position that contact holds as a job position.

Why choose our Business Email Lists

Not every business has an email that occurs on a master business email file. However we have access to, and can provide from a variety of databases that enable us to match our client’s profile to it’s most effective target.

We search all of the business email lists available selecting the data that provides postal, postal and email or just email. We can obtain the best deal and the largest volumes. We seek the best price, but most significant of all is that our choice is made based on your requirements and from every source available.

Business email lists can be compiled from Call Centres, Online business directories, Telephone research, Trade show collections, Magazine publications, Financial Databases and many more. We can investigate the market and in the majority of instances supply on better deal prices than direct.

It is important to note that business emails can be selected by all the normal selections as general business list, so the email message can be directed towards a specific market. Many business email lists include generic records but again if a personalised contact or precise named job position is required it can be obtained.

Our knowledge and experience can help and advise to ensure you choose a list to bring success.

There are many aspects to the choosing and subsequent purchasing of business email lists. The first and most significant is the accuracy. This is determined not only by passing through cleaning files but also the regular broadcasting that ensures the continuity of hard bounces and such like. Additionally important is the selection of targets and often this requires elimination of generic emails and the insistence upon personal contacts. Finally one has the necessity to comply with the legislation required. Emails need to be dated as to record their opt in date and many quality records are double opt in. Without this legislation and permission based element, email broadcasters take substantial risk heavy fines.
Many companies use email records to create awareness and build relations with new prospects. However those relations may be developed further if the email records are enhanced by the addition of postal addresses, and even further advanced by telephone numbers that offers scope for follow ups.

We can advise on the best business email lists that suit your objectives and strategies and if required discuss the various lists and costs to help choose the list most applicable.


Why choose Whichlist2

When seeking Business Email data it is often interesting that email volumes do not always match a client’s expectations. Quite often there is much changing of profile elements before agreeing the final order. For that reason it is imperative that these changes are made in the quickest time possible, rather than waiting days between each change.

We pride ourselves on providing the counts and changes if the fastest possible time frame, allowing you to develop your marketing for when you need it.

In order to obtain the best advice the most sensible route is to seek a second opinion or make a number of calls. That route can be both time consuming, costly, not always getting the right sources, not always able to compare the resulting notes easily and on termination still unsure if all the ground has been covered.
A client to ourselves is one that is both satisfied and successful. To achieve that objective, our policy is to provide the best but also to ensure our client’s want to develop their marketing to the next level. We desire to build that style of relationship and so believe our after sales must match the service standards we give on the first enquiry.