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Email Verification

Increase Conversion | Save Money

Email verification makes your data more responsive and cost effective.

Using our email verification service

Engage your prospective customers with ease.

  • Increase your email open rates
  • Identify customers that are not receiving your email
  • Ensure your data is up to date
  • Save money

Verify Your Email, Increase Your Conversion!

Current research suggests that data decay rates are estimated to be 21.5% per year.

Inaccurate data not only costs you both time and money, but wrong email addresses can also adversely affect the delivery of your other emails.

Email Verification – Features

  • Identify Valid Emails
    Identify emails that are working and good to use.

  • Invalid Email Removal
    Identify and remove emails that are badly formatted or not in the correct email format.

  • Catch All Email Identifier
    Identify catch all emails that are impossible to validate without sending an actual email.

  • Role Based Email Identifier
    Identify role based emails such as sales@ or support@. These emails have a higher than usual probabilty of reporting your email as spam

  • Spam Trap Removal
    Remove known spam traps from your email address lists & identify possible traps.

  • Abuse Email Removal
    Remove recipients that have a history of clicking the abuse & spam links in emails.

  • Disposable Email Removal
    Remove known domains that are linked to disposable emails that mask real email accounts.

  • Bot Email Removal
    Remove domains of known bots.

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