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UK Consumer Lists (B2C)

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Consumer Lists (B2C)

Target and Reach UK Consumers
to Grow Your Business

Using Responsive UK Consumer Lists

Engage your prospective customers with ease.

  • Create segmented lists to match your perfect buyer profile
  • Run multi touch point campaigns using telephone, address, email, sms numbers
  • Access the most up to date records, supplied ready to use 

Exactly Who You Want

Whoever you need to reach, we will guide you the whole way.

Targeting the right market is the most important part of any marketing campaign. Choosing the right consumer list should be a priority when running your marketing

Define Your Market

With too many options to list, some of the most popular consumer selections include:

  • Geography – Postcode, Town, County, Radius
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Income
  • Interests & Hobbies
  • Insurance Renewals – Car, Motorbike, Home
  • Mobile Phone – Number, Network, Renewal Date

Communicate How You Choose

With our consumer lists you can choose which communication methods you want to use.  Whether you want to make contact via just one method or use them all for a multi channel campaign, you can pick and choose to fit your needs:

  • Postal Addressess

  • Landline Telephone Numbers

  • Mobile Telephone Numbers

  • Email Addresses

  • SMS Numbers

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Why Are Our Consumer Lists Right For You

Choosing the right consumer lists is one of the more difficult choices to make.  It is not through lack of choice, but knowing which databases are most appropriate for your needs.  At WhichList2 we continually monitor the consumer databases available.  We take time to sort and categorise this data, so when you need a list, we can identify the best match your you.   We have built a knowledge-base of how these databases are built, what kind of selections can be made, if they specialise in niche information, which channels they offer, have they been successful for previous clients and more.

  • Independent – We are list brokers and have no contracts or incentives that suggest one database above another.

  • Quality Data – We only deal with reputable data providers.  All databases supplied are cleaned regularly and are supplied with accuracy guarantees.

  • Price – Consumer database prices can vary wildly depending on how specialist the list is.  What we can guarantee is the we always strive to provide you data at the most competitive possible price.

  • Selection Criteria – With so many selection available, the best option is to ask us, just because one databases can’t provide what you need, it is likely we have another option for you.

  • Legally Compliant– With so many databases on the market, we ensure that we only deal with providers that is collected, cleaned and maintained in line with the law.

  • GDPR Compliant – With the recent introduction of GDPR, all steps have been taken to only work with data owners that have complied fully with the GDPR.

  • Personal Service – Choosing the right consumer list is a minefield. at Whichlist2 you will deal directly with an experienced and knowledgeable account manager.  We will not pass you from one person to another, make you wait through automated phone systems, just friendly advice and no hard sell.

Things to Consider When Finding Your Ideal Consumer List

What Are Your Objectives

To achieve any kind of success in your marketing or business you need to have objectives to guide you, identify if you have succeeded, and how you can improve in the future.

Defining the and objective such as increasing sales / leads or to increase awareness has direct implications as to how you should select and use any marketing lists.

Who Are Your Ideal Prospects

Before searching for a consumer database, you need to know what it is you want.  Normally a good starting place is to generate a list of your ideal prospects common traits.  You can use your current customer database to spot trends.  Items such as age range, affluence, homeowner or not, marital status, number of children, specific geographic areas, are example of traits that will help you find a database to fit.

What is Your Budget

Choosing a budget before you start looking for a consumer list will help to eliminate databases that would not be appropriate for you.  There are many things to consider and not scrimping on buying the data for your marketing campaign can pay handsomely.  Without a suitable list to start your campaign you could doom yourself to failure by missing important options such as multiple uses, adding multiple communication channels or choosing a more specialist list that though more expensive will allow you to focus your efforts.

What Do You Want From The Data (Quantity, Quality, Price etc.)

All consumer lists have their own features and limitations, by deciding on your objectives and budget, you will be able to look for databases that are in-sync with your requirements.

Consumer databases are built using different methods and reasons.  This creates a interesting opportunity to find lists that suit your needs and objectives.  There are consumer databases that specialise in being as comprehensive in terms of number of people in the UK, whereas there are considerably smaller lists that contain a lot more information about individuals within a niche category.  Deciding if you need more in-depth information, or just want to cover a greater amount of people will help find a suitable database.

Allow Time to Select Your List

Allowing time to work through the process of choosing your list will give you time to tweak your criteria and consider multiple options.  Once you have decided what you want, data can very often be supplied the same working day.

Which Communication Channel Are You Going To Use

If you have already chosen your objectives, and identified your ideal prospect, you may find that it will dictate which channels you should use.

Normally it is wise to use multiple channels, allowing you multiple chances to make an impact whilst reducing the feeling that you are over communicating with your prospect.  A good approach to take is to use each of the channels best features to enhacnce your return on investment.  Email marketing is a great way to quickly and cheaply cover a large target area, then follow it up with direct mail and telemarketing to just prospect that have interacted with the email in some way such as opened or clicked a link.

How Many Times Do You Want To Use The List

Consumer lists are normally supplied and a rental licence that allows the use of the data for a predetermined amount of times over a set period.  The two most common options are:

  • Single use rental which allows you to use each communication channel supplied one time i.e. when renting data with a postal address and email address you can email the database once and mail out to the database once.
  • 12 months multiple use which allows the database to be used up to 12 times within a 12 month period.

A “use” is defined slightly differently for different channel.  For postal and email data, a use is simply the act of either sending a single email of posted item.  Telephones are define a “use” as actually making contact via a phone call, so you can keep trying to call the number until you make contact with the specified contact.

Whichever licence you choose, it is your responsibility to record if a prospect request removal from the list, regardless of if you have licensed it for a longer period.  Any records that are positive and show a positive interest in either receiving more information or talking further, then become your data to be dealt with in the same manner as your own prospect list.

Finding the right list for you is a balancing act, and something you will have to address before you can finally acquire the database that will provide you the greatest success.

Some of our UK Consumer Lists

There are hundreds and thousands of UK consumer lists on the market.  Here is a list of a few that we believe to be the best on the market.

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