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Banking and financial services are at the cusp of revolutionising as the large incumbents seize opportunity to change.  This provides you to opportunity to join and grow with them by introducing your products and services to capitalise on this new wave.

At WhichList2 we have scoured the market to find the most accurate and responsive banking and financial lists.  These lists provide specialist contacts, niche market sectors and the ability to pinpoint the exact businesses that your product or service helps.

As independent UK list brokers, WhichList2 have researched and built a portfolio of the best UK banking and financial services lists available. By sourcing only from trusted and proven data providers, all of the lists have guaranteed accuracy, are GDPR compliant and offer the most comprehensive view of the banking and financial industry available for marketing.

Banking & Financial Services Lists
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Selections & Channels

There are many ways in which businesses choose the type of prospect they want to target.  Ideally this would be through research of past customers and previous marketing campaigns or based on new market research that identifies a new niche that has previously been missed.  Knowing who you are targeting should produce the best and most consistent results, allowing you to keep building on previous successes.  At WhichList2 we specialising in taking your profile of prospects and identifying and extracting those prospects from within high quality marketing databases.

Every banking and financial list has it’s own quirks and nuances, and it is these differences that can make your selections turn a good database bad.   We will help guide you through your choices and select the right banking and financial database to match your needs.

Basic Selections

GeographyTown, County, Postcode, Region, Radius
IndustrySIC 2007, SIC 2003, Industry Codes
Company SizeEmployees at Site, Employees Total, Turnover
Specific ContactJob Title, Job Function


PostalFull address details
Telephone NumbersVerified telephone numbers
Email AddressesPersonal & Generic

Banking & Financial Services Lists – Basic Industries

 Banks & Other Financial Institutions
 Building Societies & Other Financial Institutions
 Bullion Dealers
 Bureaux De Changes
 Business Transfer Agents
 Car Credit & Finance
 Cheque Cashing
 Claims Investigators
 Claims Management
 Commodity Brokers
 Credit Cards & Discount Cards
 Credit & Finance Companies
 Credit Institutions - Business & Personal
 Credit Reference Agencies
 Credit Unions
 Debt Advice Centre
 Debt Collection Agencies
 Debt Consolidation
 Equity Release
 Factoring Services
 Finance Brokers
 Financial Advisers -Tied Agents/company Representatives
 Financial Advisers- Independent
 Financial Products - Direct
 Financial Services
 Fuel Card Providers
 Gold Buyers
 Insurance - Health
 Insurance - Car & Motor
 Insurance - Commercial & Van
 Insurance; Friendly & Provident Societies
 Insurance - Home
 Insurance - Other
 Insurance Brokers
 Investment Companies
 Leasing Services
 Life Assurance
 Loans & Debt - Management
 Merchant Banks
 Money Transfers
 Mortgage Brokers
 Mortgages - Commercial
 Mortgages - Direct
 Office Furniture & Equipment - Hire & Leasing
 Payroll Services
 Share Dealing Services
 Insurance - Pet
 Insurance - Travel
 Unit Trust Brokers & Managers
 Utility Brokers
 Valuers - Antiques & Jewellery
 Valuers - General

Banking & Financial Services Lists – Geographic Breakdown

When selecting your construction lists by geography, there are numerous options that can be used.  As many financial companies have restricted by sales territories or travel distance, we offer the ability to specify specific postcode areas or radiate out a desired number of miles from a given postcode.  Of course standard selections such as town, county, country, region are available as well as many popular geographic selections such as inside the M25 or M4 corridor.

North West7224
North East1914
West Midlands5017
East Midlands2512
East of England3964
South West5375
South East9208
Greater London4707
Central London9756
Northern Ireland1616
Channel Islands670
UK Banking & Financial Services Density Map

Banking & Financial Services Size Breakdown

Choosing the size of a company that you wish to market to is now always as easy as you would think.  The majority of businesses that we deal with originally wish to select businesses by their turnover, but this can be misleading.  Example issues:

  • Records sent to Companies House only include Ltd and PLC companies. These records thus exclude the non-limited business.
  • Records within Companies house can be submitted on behalf of a large group of companies, often submitted by accountants and taking up to two years before being published.

Certainly, selecting by permanent employees is more accurate but again especially in construction if those employees are on one site, it may be better selecting head offices and excluding branches.  This is where we can help to find you the best solution.

Employees Breakdown

Number of Employees% of Database