Direct mail has been around for a long time, and yet with the advent of a new medium, people continue to declare it dead as an outdated service.  How then is it still here and going strong?  Simple!  It works! Direct mail has proved itself time and time again bringing in sales and higher response rates.

1) It will be seen and stands out (inbox overload)

When your inbox is overflowing, it is a nice change to receive a targeted piece of mail (so long as it’s not a bill).  There is something nice about holding a piece of literature that cannot be matched by a digital communication.

Each of us have things that we look for when the post arrives, and changing elements of your mailing such as envelope colour and font used can really make a difference.  Another great tip is to send unusually shaped mail or “lumpy mail” that piques the interest of the recipient, providing your mail piece their full attention.

2) It’s more personal

People are drawn to things that are personalised to them, using their name, content that is specific to their interests etc. is great but receiving a piece of mail that is specifically for you makes the communication that much more memorable.

3) Integrates well

Direct mail does not have to be isolated in its use, in fact it is most effective when used in conjunction with other channels.  If you are a telemarketer, sending out a mail piece to arrive just before you call, can give you a great starting topic along with a pre built connection with your company.  Or an email shot that follows up opened or clicked links with a further information package will help cement your brand in their mind.  However it is integrated, it is a powerful tool that should not be ignored.

4) Higher Response Rates

Research has shown that direct mail response rates are high than other channels.  Posting on the DMA website, David Amor, managing director of First Move Direct Marketing Services Ltd,  says: “Whereas an average email marketing campaign will yield a response rate of just over 1 in 1000, response rates of 1 in 25 or better are possible for an expertly planned and executed direct marketing campaign.”

5) Longevity (it hangs around)

One of the great things about direct mail is that it hangs around.   A piece of mail that is of interest, even if not at that moment, is often kept. Even if it is now moved from one pile to another until it is dealt with, each time reminds them of who you are and what you do.  Now when they need to get onto that project that you could help with, who to you think they will call?

6) Increased Trust

Direct mail brings with it a certain amount of credibility that is hard to imitate with other mediums.  Unlike digital marketing, the physical aspect of the mail piece brings with it a feeling of forethought, time and money having been spent, giving a raised level of trust.  In fact the DMA found that mail is twice as likely to engender trust than email, as well as being more memorable and authorative.

6 Reasons Direct Mail is Still So Powerful
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6 Reasons Direct Mail is Still So Powerful
Direct mail has been around for a long time, and yet with the advent of a new medium, people continue to declare it dead. How then is it still here and going strong? Simple! It works!
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