Have you ever seen inside the car of many sales people, or looked in the boot?

Have you ever had the experience of seeing the desk of a telemarketer?

Have you walked into an office that has piles of paper everywhere?

There are some exceptions but
generally, and I have spent over 35 years with them, these individuals are totally untidy, lack control and disorganised and as a result inefficient.

In a similar vein as their cars and desks, how many salespeople have you experienced fumbling around in their briefcase to find that elusive paper?

Sorry, I’ll send that over to you when I get back to the office is usually the standard statement. NO NO. How much caring attitude does that show to the prospect? Surely the sales person would have thought enough about the call to organise and prepare the papers and facts for the meeting – wouldn’t he?

The telephone rings whilst a million other things are happening – The caller requires a quick answer reference his last quotation. The sales person looks in panic at all his scraps of paper lying around the desk, he meant to file it. The caller waits in increasing frustration. I’ll call you back says he. Another waste of time and energy and another barrier in the relationship building.

A clear mind and a clear brain is the foundation of all successful selling.

Strategic Awareness is an important influence on your success in learning not only at work but throughout your career and life.

Strategic Awareness allows you to think about where you want to be and plan the steps to reach there!

If you wanted to learn to drive a car, what would be your strategic plan? What are your next steps?

Obviously you would have wanted to consider obtaining a provisional driving licence
buying a copy of highway code investigating local Driving Centres – cost, pass rate, etc working out budget for lessons booking one/series of lessons

Being organised means thinking in a focussed and concentrated manner as to what you are trying to achieve, developing a plan and calculating how that plan is to be organised The plan needs then to be put into action in a physical form.

A Successful Salesman

  • Starts a task promptly – NOT find lots of reasons for delay?
  • Has everything available he needs – NOT have to rummage to find notes, paper, remit,
  • Enjoys studying and writing – NOT rather do anything else instead?

Knowing how to approach tasks such as telephone sales is the first step towards strategic awareness.

A Self Analysis

  1. I am always early for work.
  2. I start my day by having 10 minutes of thought
  3. I make regular time to update my client notes and my diary. and these are updated on my computer
  4. I arrange notes and files in a logical order and fully labelled and in specific places.
  5. I settle to a task quickly and am good at knowing what is required.
  6. I can make a reasonable estimate of how much time I will need to complete a task.
  7. I plan ahead for deadlines and keep my promises
  8. I set myself targets
  9. I think about how successful I have been and build on it
  10. I think about my mistakes and plan to not make them again

The Benefits of OPO (Objectives, Preperation, Organisation)

These are the benefits of applying the O P O lessons to the sales plan. The successful salesman ALWAYS applies them. Do you?

When you take positive steps in enhancing your health, you will have more physical and mental energy to make your sales.

When you have knowledge and skill, and effectively use your natural talents, your will gain confidence that you can make those sales.

When you have a clear brain through effective organisation of your physical and mental environment, you will think and act faster and more efficiently

When you see value of your work, such that you are not only well paid, but you also get satisfaction in what you are doing, you will be motivated and enthusiastic about your work.

When you do your best, you feel good about yourself and have pride in your work.

When you are courageous and determined, you will get the job done.

When your character is described as excellent you will have a world full of friends

In conclusion you need to prepare yourself for the sales process. The successful sales person menu, consisting of health, knowledge, value, excellence and character. These elements will guide you in your preparation and will increase your ability to make a sale.

Organisation - Sales Series Part 7
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Organisation - Sales Series Part 7
Being organised means thinking in a focussed and concentrated manner as to what you are trying to achieve, developing a plan and calculating how that plan is to be organised The plan needs then to be put into action in a physical form.
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