Never underestimate the importance of first impressions. Don’t forget – the sell starts the moment your mailing lands on your prospect’s floor or desk. So don’t ignore the envelope!

Thousands of white envelopes are sent out each week, many of which contain what people refer to as ‘junk mail’ and most of which end up in the recycling bin, unopened. It’s crucial to distinguish yours from the rest if you are to save your glossy print from hurtling towards the bottom of the rubbish bin. You need to give your prospects a reason to open your envelope.

  • Think about different colours and shades of envelopes. They don’t have to be garish, but even a tint of colour can make yours stand out. Especially useful for distinguishing your letters from the reams of junk mail.

  • Over-printing. This is a tricky one. There are valuable arguments for and against the use of over-printing and experience has taught me that it very much depends on your targeted recipients and the nature of your product. If you’re targeting past customers who recognise your brand, or you’re offering an unbeatable deal, over-printing can be highly effective.

Now, time to look at the contents of your envelope. Direct mail gives the flexibility over what you send to your prospects, anything from a sales letters to a glossy, full colour brochure. A few points to keep in mind:

  • It’s a good idea for your printed material to compliment the product/service you are trying to sell. If you’re a gallery promoting an upcoming art exhibition make sure you show images of the artwork, and be creative with your colours and design to engage your target market.
  • Don’t automatically opt for A4. Experiment with alternative sizes. A5… Post card…
  • Look at shape, folds and design carefully. Remember, things that stand out get people talking.
  • Don’t forget weight. Now that postage prices are banded, make sure you get the most for your money.
  • Consider including a novelty or something useful. It’s not always going to be worth the extra cost, but often a branded calendar or coaster are the kind of items that can stay on someone’s desk for years. And what company wouldn’t pay for that sort of advertising space?
Keeping Your Print Out Of The Bin
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Keeping Your Print Out Of The Bin
Never underestimate the importance of first impressions. Don't forget - the sell starts the moment your mailing lands on your prospect's floor or desk. So don't ignore the envelope!
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