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Current Customers

Making marketing work effectively and work cost effectively is quite a task. Marketing can be an expensive item to any company’s overheads and needs to be conducted in a manner that creates income not deficits.

Current Customers

How many clients do you have on your database?  Do you know the percentage this is of ALL the possible individuals or companies that use your service / product?

To focus on your clients in terms of profile  ( line of business, size of company, Geography OR for consumers the age, income, lifestyle, readership etc ) and to understand to whom your current  marketing  is aimed towards, are two significant first questions.

Based on all of the above, one must then ask how easy is it to get more leads. The answer is a lot easier when you understand the potential available.

A further two questions is –

Are there any marketing plans to use third parties to sell your services / products?

AND  is there any routes to up selling any current clients?.

About the Author:

Over 46 years in Sales, Marketing and Communication, I have occupied most roles in Sales / Marketing including over 26 years in the list supply industry commencing with D&B and running my own company for 24 of those years.List Knowledge, Common Sense, Honesty and a practical understanding of all Sales techniques are my major strengths plus knowledge of most list sources