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Email Subject Lines

The only readers we get are people whom our subject interests    No one reads for amusement, long or short. Consider them as prospects before you seeking info. Give them enough to get action. Measure by salesman standards.  One seeks sales not applause.

When you plan an advert, think of a typical buyer.  Your subject and headline matter.

Know their interests, what they need or want NOT your knowledge

The best selling is asking no one to buy.  Be inventive in headlines, people read them.

People are impressed by top prices, top people, top fashion, top paintings


The most cost effective route to prospects
Lists at £5000 per 1000
A tip – talk to Ted Jones for a sale

Email Subject Lines
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Email Subject Lines
The only readers we get are people whom our subject interests   
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Over 46 years in Sales, Marketing and Communication, I have occupied most roles in Sales / Marketing including over 26 years in the list supply industry commencing with D&B and running my own company for 24 of those years.List Knowledge, Common Sense, Honesty and a practical understanding of all Sales techniques are my major strengths plus knowledge of most list sources